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Make 2012 the year you live right, cure yourself from disease & be pain free. Buy Being Human today for only R115 including delivery!!
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Make 2012 the year you live right, cure yourself from disease & be pain free. Buy Being Human today for only R115 including delivery!!

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  • Its our birth right to live disease, misery and medicine free!
  • Learn about your body and how to cleanse your organs
  • Cure yourself of disease and pain
  • Feel an energy you haven’t felt in years
  • Live 2012 to the fullest!
  • Make this year, the year you live right!
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Almost every one of us has a fear, be it consciously or subconsciously, of being diagnosed with a disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, or cancer, and the list grows continually. According to studies by Dr Bernard Jensen more than 95 per cent of the world's population, including a growing percentage of our children, lives in a sub-acute to chronic state of disease, misery and medication dependency. If we are not bookalready part of this statistic, we fear that at some point in our lives we inevitably will be.

Modern allopathic medicine has undoubtedly made tremendous scientific and technological advancement over the last fifty years or so. It is mind boggling to witness some of the transplants and intricate surgical procedures performed on reality television to improve the quality of life for patients with degenerate body parts or victims of accidents. As reassuring as it is to know that these talented medical personnel have an almost miraculous capacity to rescue people from mangled wrecks and other forms of catastrophes and disasters, the question that began to concern me was why nearly everyone I knew, including myself, still remained sick, miserable and diseased at an everyday level?

When mainstream medicine became widely available, it was magical to be able to pop a pill and stop a raging headache in its tracks. Many came to rely on this miracle cure and there was soon a pill for every ill. Over time, however, many among the global Masses became disillusioned with the medical industry, concluding that there are, in fact, no actual cures for any diseases. If there was a cure for even a headache, why is there a planet full of people suffering with headaches? They realised that handing over responsibility of the self to someone else and saying, ‘You fix me up,’ wasn’t working and that we should perhaps be taking responsibility for our own healing.

Being Human | UbuntuDeal

This train of thought opened up a new jungle to get lost in: the alternate healing field with ‘no side effects natural products’, holistic treatments, therapies, looking into past and future lives, lighting incense sticks, and swinging pendulums amongst other activities. As doctors continue to discover new ‘cures’ for modern diseases, so too are there a growing number of new treatments based on ‘ancient secrets’ being developed in the alternate field. And yet, more than 95 per cent of the world’s population remain sick, miserable and in pain.

“A riveting thought provoking and truly compelling personal story concerning the human experience. An extraordinary inner mystical journey encompassing body, mind and soul. A true inner healing experience that awakens and enlightens. An engaging human drama leading to the realization of the infinite. Anyone ready to heal will be touched. An amazing read… by John F Demartini (Bestselling author of: Count Your Blessings)

Ramesh | UbuntuDeal

Name:Being Human Detox Centre
Speciality:Health Centre
Address:3 Herman Road, Westville, Durban
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