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Pay R309 for a VAPE electronic cigarette! Smoke any time, anywhere!
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Pay R309 for a VAPE electronic cigarette! Smoke any time, anywhere!

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  • Pay R309 for a VAPE electronic cigarette starter pack!
  • Pay R37.50 for 10 Cartridge refills, with the flavour of your choice!
  • Get it for 44% less!
  • Looks and feels like a normal cigarette…smoke freely anywhere!
  • Satisfies nicotine cravings, without the negative effects of normal cigarettes.
  • Comes in convenient “cigarette box” for storage, with built in charger. (same size as normal cigarette box)
  • Comes with 6 normal tobacco flavoured cartridges, rechargeable battery and care guide.
  • Flavoured cartridges come in a wide variety of flavours and nicotine strengths. Cartridges can be “puffed” 100 times and replacements are available from from R3.75 each. (each cartridge is approximately 7.43 normal cigarettes)
  • VAPE cigarette replacement cartridge flavours include: Tobacco, Peppermint, Menthol, Cool Apple, Espresso Coffee, Ginseng, Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana and Vanilla.
  • Save +/-R1 750.93 per year compared to your normal cigarette bill, live a healthier lifestyle and “smoke” anywhere freely!
  • Deal includes postage in South Africa
  • No restriction per customer
  • For your 10 additional cartridges at R37 - click here

How to redeem this deal:

  • Email a copy of your UbuntuDeal voucher AND your full postal address to (address and voucher must be emailed together to be processed)
  • Please use subject “Vape cigarette – Your coupon number” when emailing
  • Upon redemption please allow 2 – 4 weeks for delivery.
  • 1x coupon = 1x VAPE cigarette pack

VAPE cigarette pack includes:

  • 1 x VAPE electronic cigarette
  • 1 x rechargeable battery
  • 1 x storage cigarette box and charger
  • 6 x tobacco flavoured cartridges
  • User care manual
  • Needs to be redeemed within 1 month

All about VAPE Vapour Cigarettes

The VAPE® range of high quality electronic cigarettes is the modern and stylish alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

They feel and taste just like tobacco cigarettes, but instead of harmful tobacco smoke, VAPE® electronic cigarettes produce a water-based vapour. You get the same smoking sensation as with tobacco smoke, with the same physical and visual cues and satisfied nicotine cravings, but a VAPE® electronic cigarette has no tar, no carbon monoxide, no ammonia, no smells, no ash and no second-hand smoke dangers.

VAPE | UbuntuDeal

Unlike tobacco cigarettes, it is legal to use an electronic cigarette almost anywhere - restaurants, nightclubs, pubs, offices, trains, planes, concerts, casinos, bars...anywhere! With all these advantages, plus the fact that using an electronic cigarette costs just a fraction compared to smoking tobacco cigarettes, it is not hard to see why they have fast become such a global phenomenon! Get yours, save and live healthier!

Address:Diepriver, Cape Town 7800
Phone:021 705 4383
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