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Two choices for facial rejuvenation. Look and feel years younger with 10 units of Botox or 4 facial peels from Dr Modi and Associates at half the price!!!
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Two choices for facial rejuvenation. Look and feel years younger with 10 units of Botox or 4 facial peels from Dr Modi and Associates at half the price!!!

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Choose between:

10x units of Botox for R475

  • Botox can keep you looking far younger than your years
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

4 x Glycolic Acid Facial Peel for R700

  • Removes dead dry skin cells that can dull the appearance of your skin
  • Reduces the appearance of dark spots or hyper pigmented areas of the face
  • Return your face to true new skin softness and smoothness
  • 1 coupon per person
  • Bookings essential
  • Open Monday to Friday 09:00-16:30
  • Open on first Saturday of every month from 09:00-14:00
  • Patient may require additional units of Botox valued at R65. Although a 10% discount will be applied for UbuntuDeal coupon holders.
  • Coupon valid until end April 2012

Doctor Modi and Associates Botox and Facial Peel

Now that the holidays are over, the tree is down and youíre back to a regular routine, do you feel like you need some rejuvenation for yourself? Our facial rejuvenation services will reverse the signs of ageing, improve facial symmetry, and remove the stresses and lines the holiday season might have exacerbated.

Botox beauty is a prescription medicine that beauty surgeons can use to reduce frown strains in the eyebrow space and around the eyes. Surgeons can apply it to individuals aged 18 to 65, and itís a relatively quick and painless non-surgical procedure thatís carried out on an outpatient basis.

For men: Did you know procedures Ė such as Botox Ė are not just a procedure for women? Many men take advantage of the frown and wrinkle eliminating procedure, which can refresh and rejuvenate a manís face.

Dr Modi and Associates | UbuntuDeal

Facial peels, another form of achieving facial rejuvenation, removes superficial dead skin cells to reveal smoother, softer, and brighter complexions. Chemical peels are also useful in the treatment of acne.

The many benefits of the glycolic acid peel have been known to people since ancient times. Our ancestors were fully aware of the fact that glycolic acid peel has the potential to make skin appear younger and healthier. They knew how skin damage could be corrected by a glycolic acid peel treatment. When the skin is damaged due to any reason like ageing, acne, over exposure to the sun, etc., many people search for ways to correct and improve their appearance.

Many factors work negatively on our skin's surface. As we age, formation of new skin cells slows down and a dull and damaged skin layer forms that brings the changes in appearance. You can find many people with wrinkles, fine lines, scars, etc., that can happen with age and also due to other factors. These people can get rid of all such skin problems to a satisfactory extent if they use glycolic acid peel treatment.

The glycolic acid peel treatment simply removes the old and damaged skin layer that helps the fresh skin layer from underneath to come up and take the place of the removed skin. Those who are used to the treatment of glycolic acid peel know very well how effective it is when it comes to controlling many skin problems. You can certainly improve your appearance with a glowing and healthy skin if you use glycolic acid peel. You will have less acne and blemishes, the marks or scars on your face will fade away, the fine lines and wrinkles will become less visible, and so on, the benefits are endless. It is also quite natural to improve the appearance of the skin since the newer skin will be healthier, younger looking and fresh!!!

Name:Dr Modi and Associates
Speciality:Medical - Aesthetics
Address:Shop B2, Hobart Road, Hobart Grove, Bryanston
Phone:011 706 2251
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