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Pay R275 for a box set of 10 Tintin DVDs from Sting music!!
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Pay R275 for a box set of 10 Tintin DVDs from Sting music!!

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  • 10 DVDs in a funky tin tin box set
  • Set includes 21 titles
  • Fabulous gift idea for young and old
  • Please email name, address, (for daytime delivery) and coupon to
  • Delivery within a week of placing order
  • Delivery nationwide at an additional charge of R55
  • May be given as gifts
  • Valid for 3 months

All about Tintin Box Set

Long before Tintin appeared in 1929, Georges Remi’s active imagination was conjuring up stories of international intrigue.

During the years of the First World War (1914–18), Georges used the margins of his schoolbooks to scribble stories about a little character who played dirty tricks on German soldiers. As a teenager, he joined the Boy Scouts and began drawing a comic strip featuring Totor, an adventurous Boy Scout who would become the basis for Tintin.

Tintin | UbuntuDeal

For any child growing up amid the political and cultural changes of the twentieth century, Tintin was a role model who both inspired and delighted. Hergé drew upon the political events of the time and dedicated his life to creating adventures that transported readers to places around the world — from Japanese-occupied China in The Blue Lotus to the Arctic Ocean in The Shooting Star. Throughout his career, Hergé strove to bring as much of the real world as he could into the world of Tintin.

Just in case you were wondering, each DVD has the following episodes:

DVD 01

  • Tin Tin in America
  • Cigars of the Pharoah

DVD 02

  • The Blue Lotus
  • Tin Tin and the broken ear

DVD 03

  • The Black island
  • King Ottokars scepter

DVD 04

  • The Shooting Star
  • The crab with the golden claws

DVD 05

  • The Secret of the Unicorn
  • Red Rachams treasure

DVD 06

  • Prisoners of the sun
  • The seve crystal balls

DVD 07

  • Land of Black Gold
  • The calculus affair

DVD 08

  • Destination Moon
  • Explorers on the moon

DVD 09

  • The red sea sharks
  • Tin Tin in Tibet

DVD 10

  • The Castafiore emerald
  • Flight 714
  • Tin Tin and the Picaros
Name:Sting Music
Address:330 main Street Jeppestown 2094
Phone:011 614 1911
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